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Bentley Healthcare is a private limited company incorporated exclusively to manufacture Surgical and Medical devices. Bentley Healthcare is a spin-off of Bentley & Remington Pvt. Ltd. which is a 27 year old company manufacturing Pharmaceutical Formulations. As evident, Bentley Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has imbibed all the Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Lab Practices from its parent company. Bentley & Remington Pvt. Ltd is a WHO GMP & ISO Certified Pharmaceutical Formulations manufacturer, having three Manufacturing Plants in Bangalore. It has the largest manufacturing capacity for Film coated and Sugar Coated Tablets. To know more about the parent company .. Click here.

Our Vision : is to be a Market Leader in Surgical and Medical Devices..

Our Mission : is to offer the best in Product Quality & Services to our customers and in the process, try to our fullest extent not to damage mother earth.

The Manufacturing Unit: is located far from the pollution of the city, on the outskirts of Bangalore. It is surrounded with lush greenery and fresh air free from all the pollutants of the city and other industrial areas. This is a big advantage when compared to the other surgical device manufacturers whose manufacturing plants are located right in the middle of the polluted cities. The Manufacturing unit is a state of the art facility built as per the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices & Schedule M. The manufacturing environment is strictly controlled and is maintained at Class 10000 particle count. Every Process and Test methods are Pre-Validated for defects and are clearly documented to ensure the quality the products & traceability of the documents. The Manufacturing process is designed such that there is minimum direct human contact with the product there by minimizing risk of any possible bio-burden on the products. Every worker and Staff member is very well trained in personal hygiene and cleanliness. Regular training workshops are conducted for new and fresh employees to understand the importance of hygiene, and to understand the importance of the systems and procedures adopted during the manufacturing and testing processes. The facilities are equipped with in-house testing Labs that are fully equipped with modern equipments and faculty to facilitate in faster testing of the materials and approvals of the raw material and of the finished products.

The Team : Our Company, as per its culture, has built a team of dynamic, energetic and highly qualified personnel in the manufacturing section, Quality Control & Assurance section and in the Marketing and Management sections. There is a well defined organizational structure with well defined roles for all the team members.

Our commitment to nature : As a part of our effort to give back to the nature, that which we may have taken during the course of making and building of this company; we have planted 400 trees around our factory. We have also made a rain water harvesting plant in our factory to harvest and recharge the Ground Water. Our manufacturing process, in itself produces very less waste of paper, plastic or water. Our machines are designed such that the water is recycled and re-used in the process of heating or steam generation. Further, we pledge to do what ever possible to limit the use of plastic and preserve nature to our full extent.